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The association between coffee and cycling is a long and honourable one. V69 is one such example, we opened in 2016, part of the growing speciality coffee scene in the City of London. It occupies a large counter with options of seating just inside the door of the Bespoke Cycling shop on Gresham Street, between St Mary-le-Bow church and the Guildhall.

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Artistic Collective is my idea for life, but also an idea for realizing passions. The name Collective is meant to indicate that I can focus several artists on the project. Therefore, I often co-create with the graphic designer Łukasz “Verd” Półrolnik and photographer Patryk Białogłowski. We are a group of artists, extremely different, with individual ideas, with other talents. We create a unique team together, we understand each other well, we cooperate on various levels, which translates into the extraordinary quality of projects being carried out. Gosia Białogłowska Gosia Białogłowska

Hand painted cups available
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